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Zintro’s Feature as Management Expert: “Biggest Mistakes Companies Make When Managing Multiple Contractors and Consultants”

“‘Not’ managing them. Very quickly you can get into schedule delays, missed deadlines, scope creep, cost over-runs, communication issues, role confusion, and much more. Setting the agenda and guiding the experts through a single point of contact, beginning with onboarding, reduces conflict and confusion on several fronts, thereby reducing cost and ensuring greater success in achievement of the respective goals.”


Revista Empreendedor, Brazil’s Entrepreneurial Business Magazine: The Power of Paradox Featured as a “Strategic Book Recommendation”


CEO World’s Feature on Succession Management: “Planning Your Transition on Day One”

“It seems amiss, but it’s true – the day you start your job is the day you should begin planning to leave it.Whether you leave by means of promotion, retirement or emergency, having an exit strategy in place will encourage you to think about the legacy you want to leave – day one. It will also positively impact the culture of the company and the engagement of your employees during your departure.”


CEO Chief Executives Club, Rhode Island College: “The Power of Paradox” Workshop


The Huffington Post’s Feature on The Blog: “Women in Business Q&A”Article By: Laura Dunn

How has your life experience made you the leader you are today?
I grew up with my mother, an artist; my father, a Lutheran pastor; and four siblings. Mom wouldn’t let us have coloring books, paint-by-number kits, or anything with pre-drawn lines. Instead, she would give us all the paper, paints, chalk pens, etc. we wanted so we could draw our own lines and color inside of them if we wanted to. My dad started hosting faith-based tours once a year when I was quite young. I traveled with him to Asia and the Holy Land when I was in my late teens. As a result, I quickly embraced the differences in cultures and our shared humanity. These two experiences laid for me a foundation of boundlessness and global citizenship. I lead with respect and create opportunities that foster growth, new thinking, and tap hidden potential in people and organizations.”


Camcode’s Feature on Inventory Management: “The Single Most Effective Strategy Companies Can Use to Reduce Inventory Costs”

“A strategy of discipline. Regardless of size, large or small, most companies work to achieve two primary objectives – grow the business by satisfying the customer and manage costs. Businesses seek big data to deliver strategic recommendations based on assessing the customer experience and measuring the cost of inventory. Working under a discipline strategy, companies can effectively mitigate two potential risks – dissatisfying customers by promising a product when there is none and increasing cost by losing tack of outdated stock in the warehouse.”


El Tiempo’s Portafolio Revista, Columbia’s Leading Business Magazine: The Power of Paradox Featured as “Recommended Literature”


Docurated’s Feature on All Things Productivity: “An Expert Guide to Sales Funnel Management”

“When it comes to sales funnel management, should you build relationships with prospects or look for smart ways to use social channels for lead conversion? Should you focus on pulling leads through the funnel or flex as prospects enter in at different points in the process. Should we stick with the way we’ve done it before or change our approach? The best answer may be ‘yes.’”


Forbes Russia: The Power of Paradox Featured as “Recommended Reading”


Thought Leaders LLC & Featured in Smart Brief on Leadership: “The Leader’s Edge – Paradox Thinking”

“A company wants to be known for innovation at the same time customers embrace it for its stability, to thrill shareholders with strong short-term revenue results and concurrently take actions to ensure long-term health. From those two examples alone, it should be easy to see how failure to manage a critical pair of opposites results in the company stumbling and, perhaps, failing.”

Fall 2014

The Power of Paradox Translated with GetAbstract into Spanish, French, & Russian


St. Louis Organization Development Network: “The Power of Paradox Thinking” Workshop


Webster University: Deborah Schroeder-Saulnier & The Power of Paradox Featured in Global Faculty & Alumni Authors Showcase

Jul / Aug 2014

Internal Auditing: The Power of Paradox Featured as “Book & Research Review”


Revista Lideres, Ecuador’s Leading Business & Economics Newspaper: The Power of Paradox Featured as “Recommended Literature”


Donald W. Reynolds National Center for Business Journalism: The Power of Paradox Recognized as the “Book of the Week”


The Power of Paradox and Deborah Schroeder-Saulnier Featured on LeadeReview Teleconference with Fortune 100 Executives


Washington Post: The Power of Paradox Named the “Featured Leadership Book of the Week”


Bilanz, The Swiss Business Magazine: The Power of Paradox Recognized as One of the “Best English-Language New Releases”


Viet Nam News: The Power of Paradox Promoted Globally and Positively Reviewed”


UK Institute of Equality and Diversity Practitioners: The Power of Paradox Recognized as One of “June’s Three Top Reads” from getAbstract

“Why You Should Read The Power of Paradox

Consultant Deborah Schroeder-Saulnier argues that ‘paradox thinking’ may be an executive’s most effective course of action. Too often, leaders rely on ‘either/or’ thinking when making decisions: ‘Should we cut costs or invest in growth?’ ‘Should we go after global opportunities or concentrate on local markets?’”


Business Traveller: The Power of Paradox Named a “Book You Should Read”


CEO Magazine: “Paradox Thinking – A New and Counterintuitive Way to Solve Problems”

“Are you often faced with conflicting situations and mixed-message demands from your board, your team, key stakeholders, and the market? Take risks to grow dramatically AND protect your current stability. Seek to maximize sales AND watch the bottom line. Build future leaders AND prove leadership excellence now.”


Living Lord Lutheran Church: “The Power of Paradox / Building & Re-Building Relationships” Workshop


Edward Jones: “Empowering Women to Achieve Financial Freedom” Panel Presentation


Investor’s Business Daily: “Try Thinking About Both/And for Breakthroughs” Article By – Amy Alexander

“When this year’s Corvette Stingray rolled out, critics lusted. The slick GM sports car, they wrote, has throaty vroom and plenty of zoom. Plus the ride gets 28 miles to the gallon. A fuel-efficient muscle car? It’s possible, if businesses can tackle more than one vision at once.”


Focus St. Louis & St. Louis Regional Chamber: The Power of Paradox Master Leadership Class


IT Business Edge: “Why It Professionals Should Embrace the Power of Paradox” Article By – Don Tennant

“IT professionals need to value the inherent paradoxes that lie within their field of endeavor, and embrace them as a means of ensuring that a balanced, inclusive approach is taken to managing conflict and achieving the objectives of the organization.”